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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who orders commissaries established immediately, even if this will violate agreements with Panama?
(a) John Stevens.
(b) William Howard Taft.
(c) Theodore Perry Shonts.
(d) Theodore Roosevelt.

2. When, on March 29, 1885, Haitian-born, xenophobic Pedro Prestan and a handful of barefoot followers take six U.S. hostages and demand guns, an American consul orders compliance; what happens next?
(a) Cmdr. William Connor moves the gunboat Tennessee and takes control.
(b) Cmdr. George Burt moves the gunboat Shenandoah and takes control.
(c) Cmdr. Theodore F. Kane moves the gunboat Galena and takes control.
(d) Cmdr. Joseph L. Dow moves the gunboat Wachusett and takes control.

3. Chairman Morgan appears happy questioning witnesses in February 1902, and his badgering of Ydouard Lampry, the Compagnie Nouvelle spokesman creates what?
(a) Overblown headlines, but legitimate substance to report.
(b) Legitimate headlines, no substance to be reported.
(c) Overblown headlines but no substance to report.
(d) Overblown headlines and lies reported.

4. A huge dam taming the Chagres changes the slope, increasing the "cube" excavation by how much?
(a) 60%.
(b) 75%.
(c) 100%.
(d) 30%.

5. When is the sanitation problem remedied at Colon when the town burns to the ground?
(a) March 30, 1885.
(b) March 29, 1885.
(c) April 1, 1885.
(d) March 31, 1885.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who rebuilds Colon after it goes up in flames, killing 18 and leaving some 8,000 homeless?

2. On May 2, 1902, the second key swaying event following the Morgan Committee reports is Mount Pelye exploding on Martinique; how far away and how many killed?

3. Panama is divided into how many sections for work purposes?

4. Some mortality estimates go up to 75% among French immigrants and beds are reported to be at such a premium that the dying have been placed where?

5. John Stevens feels the Panama Canal can be completed by January 1914, but doubts a sea- level version can be prior to what year?

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