Daily Lessons for Teaching The Path Between the Seas

David McCullough
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Lesson 1 (from Book 1, Chapter 1)


The Path Between the Seas is winner of the National Book Award for history, the Francis Parkman Prize, the Samuel Eliot Morison Award, and the Cornelius Ryan Award (for the best book of the year on international affairs), The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is to examine these awards, the criteria to earn them, and the impact they have had on David McCullough's reputation.



Task #1 - Class Presentation: The class is to be divided into groups, one for each of the respective honors: The National Book Award for History, The Francis Parkman Prize, The Cornelius Ryan Award, The Samuel Eliot Morison Award, or other accolades The Path Between the Seas has received. They are to research and discuss the history of the respective award. Which organization issues the prize? How many and how often are presented? What is entailed in selecting recipients? Each group is...

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