The Path Between the Seas Character Descriptions

David McCullough
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Ferdinand de Lesseps

This individual is renowned for building the Suez Canal.

Philippe Banau-Varilla

At age 26, this individual is put in charge of operations at the Culebra and Pacific end of the canal project in 1884.

Theodore Roosevelt

Upon retiring in 1909, this individual is acknowledged as the indispensable force behind the American Canal Zone.

John Hay

This distinguished secretary of state served under a president who was assassinated and his successor.

John Stevens

This rough-and-tumble western railroad man serves as chief engineer of the U.S. Panama canal project.

George Washington Goethals

This chief engineer of the U.S. Panama canal project is an American Army officer.

William Crawford Gorgas

This U.S. Army physician is assigned as the sanitary officer in the Panama Canal Zone in 1904.

Manuel Amador

In 1903, this individual collaborates with a rich, Wall Street attorney to foment a revolution in Panama.

Daniel Ammen

This officer...

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