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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who died in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"?
(a) An executive.
(b) A writer.
(c) Pat's wife.
(d) An actor.

2. In "Pat Hobby, Putative Father," the two visitors want to meet ______________.
(a) Berners.
(b) Mr. Marcus.
(c) A famous actress.
(d) Pat.

3. What does Pat try to do to secure a better position in the studio in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"?
(a) Write a great script.
(b) Work harder.
(c) Blackmail Gooddorf.
(d) Steal a script.

4. In "Teamed with Genius," whom will Pat help write the screenplay?
(a) Mr. Marcus
(b) Ward Wainwright.
(c) Berners.
(d) Rene Wilcox.

5. What does the letter in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish" indicate?
(a) Happiness over the success of a crime.
(b) It indicates nothing important.
(c) Guilt for a crime.
(d) Feelings of regret.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pat try to convince the executive to do in "A Man in the Way"?

2. In "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles," whom does everyone keep talking about?

3. How does Pat feel about the person everyone keeps talking about in "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles"?

4. What happens to Pat's gift in "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"?

5. Who has a heart attack in "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does "Boil Some Water--Lots of It" touch on the theme of respect?

2. How is Pat's lack of influence in Hollywood displayed in "The Homes of the Stars"?

3. In "Pat Hobby's Secret," how is the story a little more optimistic than the previous stories in the collection?

4. How does Pat show his darker side in "A Man in the Way"?

5. What hints are given in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish" that indicate Pat's alcohol problem?

6. In "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish," how does Pat's desperation show through?

7. In "The Homes of the Stars," what kind of scam does Pat run?

8. Describe the character of Pat in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish."

9. How does Pat stoop to a new low in "Teamed With Genius"?

10. In "Pat Hobby's Secret," how does Pat get the ending to the story from Woll?

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