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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Pat Hobby's Secret," what does all the excitement cause Pat to forget?
(a) His car.
(b) The ending to the script.
(c) His lines for a scene.
(d) His money.

2. How does Pat explain his current unemployment in "The Homes of the Stars"?
(a) The Screen Playwriters' Guild is on strike.
(b) He is unemployed because he wants another career.
(c) No one will hire him.
(d) He is not a good writer.

3. What does the executive in "A Man in the Way" tell Pat to do?
(a) Act in a movie.
(b) Recruit some other writers.
(c) Come up with an original idea.
(d) Revise someone's idea for a screenplay.

4. What does the letter in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish" indicate?
(a) Happiness over the success of a crime.
(b) Feelings of regret.
(c) Guilt for a crime.
(d) It indicates nothing important.

5. What will happen to Pat's gift if the condition is not met in "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"?
(a) The allowance will revert to the British empire.
(b) The allowance will go to Berners.
(c) Pat will get to keep half the allowance.
(d) Pat will owe him money.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Boil Some Water--Lots of It," what is the Big Table?

2. Whom does Pat run into on his way to show Berners the script in "Teamed with Genius"?

3. Whom does Pat blame for his problems in "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles"?

4. In "The Homes of the Stars," what happens to Pat's car?

5. What kind of film is Pat Hobby working on in "Boil Some Water--Lots of It"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pat stoop to a new low in "Teamed With Genius"?

2. In "Teamed With Genius," why does Pat refuse to be left out in writing the script?

3. What does "A Man in the Way" show about Pat?

4. In "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish," how does Pat's desperation show through?

5. What hints are given in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish" that indicate Pat's alcohol problem?

6. In "A Man in the Way," how does Berners react to finding out the truth about Pat?

7. Describe the character of Pat in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish."

8. How does Pat try to impress his son in "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"?

9. In "The Homes of the Stars," what happens when Pat leads a couple into the house that he pretends is Shirley Temple's?

10. In "Boil Some Water--Lots of It," how does Pat try to fix the situation regarding the man trying to sit at the Big Table?

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