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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "A Man in the Way," what is the young woman's idea for a script?
(a) Artifacts being shipped to Europe.
(b) A writer who is out of work.
(c) An actor who is out of work.
(d) Books being shipped to China.

2. What happens to Pat and the visitors after getting onto the set of the film in "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"?
(a) They are injured.
(b) They are taken to jail.
(c) They are taken to the security room.
(d) They are killed.

3. What does Pat do on the stand in "Pat Hobby's Secret"?
(a) Runs away.
(b) Tells the truth.
(c) Lies.
(d) Gets sick.

4. In "Pat Hobby's Secret," what does all the excitement cause Pat to forget?
(a) The ending to the script.
(b) His money.
(c) His car.
(d) His lines for a scene.

5. What does Pat say in the fake note he writes in "Teamed with Genius"?
(a) Wilcox's mother died.
(b) Wilcox's wife died.
(c) Wilcox's brothers have been killed.
(d) Wilcox's father died.

6. How long does it take for the script to be finished in "Teamed with Genius"?
(a) One night.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) One week.
(d) One hour.

7. In "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles," for what is Pat desperate?
(a) Work.
(b) A house.
(c) Kids.
(d) A wife.

8. What does Pat use to hit someone at lunch in "Boil Some Water--Lots of It"?
(a) A metal tray.
(b) Some food.
(c) A trash can.
(d) A cup.

9. What is Berners' likely reaction to the truth at the end of "A Man in the Way"?
(a) Happy.
(b) Neutral.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Angry.

10. In "The Homes of the Stars," what happens to Pat's car?
(a) It is set on fire.
(b) It breaks down.
(c) Nothing happens to it.
(d) It is stolen.

11. How does Pat explain his current unemployment in "The Homes of the Stars"?
(a) The Screen Playwriters' Guild is on strike.
(b) He is unemployed because he wants another career.
(c) No one will hire him.
(d) He is not a good writer.

12. Where are the visitors from in "Pat Hobby, Putative Father"?
(a) Canada.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Russia.
(d) India.

13. In "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish," what holiday is it?
(a) Christmas Day.
(b) New Year's Eve.
(c) Christmas Eve.
(d) New Year's Day.

14. What is the name of the secretary in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"?
(a) Helen.
(b) Mary.
(c) Giana.
(d) Ruthie.

15. What does Pat talk about at lunch in "Boil Some Water--Lots of It"?
(a) They discuss finding a job in another industry.
(b) They discuss marriage.
(c) They discuss acting in a movie.
(d) They discuss the script.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who refuses Pat's admittance into a place in "Pat Hobby and Orson Welles"?

2. What does the couple in "The Homes of the Stars" first ask Pat?

3. What does Pat tell the couple that his profession is in "The Homes of the Stars"?

4. Why does Gooddorf refuse to bend to Pat's demands in "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"?

5. What does Pat go to Berners' office to do in "A Man in the Way"?

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