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Lesson 1 (from Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish)


In "Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish," Pat finds out a secret and tries to blackmail Gooddorf in order to get a better job. This lesson will focus on Pat and his attempt at blackmail.


1) Class Discussion: How does Pat attempt blackmail? Why would he go to such extremes? How does the attempt end?

2) Individual Activity: Create a Venn diagram, listing the reasons why Pat may have been justified into going to such extremes in securing a better job and why he was not justified in doing that.

3) Class Debate: The class will split into two groups. One group will empathize with Pat and his reasons for attempting blackmail, and one group will not empathize with Pat. The two sides will engage in a debate, supporting their ideas with evidence from the story.

4) Homework: When Pat asks to become a producer, he becomes genuinely tearful and says...

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