The Pat Hobby Stories Character Descriptions

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Pat Hobbyappears in All

This character was once a successful writer in Hollywood when movies were silent.

Jack Bernersappears in A Man in the Way, Teamed with Genius, Pat Hobby and Orson We

This character is an executive at the studio where he often extends a job offer to someone when he knows that he is desperate.

Louie, the Studio Bookieappears in Teamed with Genius, Pat Hobby and Orson Welles, Pat Hobby's

This character is the studio bookie.

Harold Marcusappears in Pat Hobby and Orson Welles, The Homes of the Stars, On the T

This character is the head of the studio.

Mr. Banizonappears in Pat Hobby's Secret

This character is a producer with the studio who has a problem when he has half of a script written, but he does not know the ending. His writer is refusing to finish it for him.

Pat Hobby's Sonappears in Pat Hobby, Putitive Father

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