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Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish

"Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish"*

• On Christmas Eve, Pat Hobby is still working at the studio for less than half the salary that he used to.

• Pat chats nostalgically with a man from the scenario department before returning to his office.

• The secretary Pat had been waiting for has finally arrived, and she is crying.

• Pat assumes the girl is upset because she is working on Christmas Eve, but he learns she is upset because she was once secretary to Harry Gooddorf.

• She was moved to the secretary pool, but she has information about Gooddorf that could be damaging. Pat asks her to dinner.
• At dinner, Pat gets Helen to tell him her information on Gooddorf.

• Helen had once delivered a letter to another executive that implied that the two men had killed an actor.

• Pat wants to use this information to get a better...

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