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Short Answer Questions

1. When Henri leaves his hometown, where is his regiment going?

2. Who does Patrick say Henri should stick to praying to?

3. What does the Queen of Spades leave for Villanelle at the gaming table?

4. Why is Villanelle apprehensive about her first dinner date with the Queen of Spades?

5. When Villanelle refuses to marry the rich man, what does he do to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bonaparte do to Henri to show his approval when he hears about Henri and the cook? What does he say about Henri's idea?

2. In Henri's story about the man who thought himself an inventor, why did the man go to town for a few months, leaving his family? Who seemed to hold the man together?

3. According to the rumors, what do boatmen have? What are they not able to take off?

4. Where does Villanelle work? How does she dress there? Why does she dress this way?

5. After Villanelle´s first date with The Queen of Spades, what does she attempt to do? Who sees her?

6. What does Henri do to the cook that impresses Bonaparte? Where did he get the idea?

7. Why doesn´t Patrick pray to the Virgin Mary? Why does he think this?

8. When the little village girl asks Henri who he will kill, what does he reply? How does he clarify this for her?

9. What does Villanelle call Venice? If one gets lost, what does Villanelle say will not save you?

10. How many hands tall is Napoleon's horse? Why could no stable boy last?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Passion, religion plays an important part of the lives of many of the characters. Also, Winterson uses religious terminology and diction often in the novel. Write an essay on the influence of religion on the characters of the novel and the novel itself. What does religion bring to The Passion?

Essay Topic 2

Darkness is an important theme in The Passion. Write an essay about the nature of darkness and its effects on the characters in the novel. Make sure to use specific examples in your argument.

Essay Topic 3

The relationship between the two narrators is a central theme in The Passion. Write an essay about the relationship between Villanelle and Henri from both sides, as Winterson does. How is their love impossible?

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