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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time of day to the Venetians hold funerals?
(a) Daybreak.
(b) Noon.
(c) Night.
(d) Dusk.

2. What test does the recruiting officer give Henri to determine his position in the army?
(a) Asks him to pluck a chicken in under 2 minutes.
(b) Asks him to hold a pole steady in the palm of his hand.
(c) Asks him the rules of dinner service.
(d) Asks him to crack a walnut with one hand.

3. What is the woman who kisses Henri on New Year´s Ever holding?
(a) A baby.
(b) A bottle of wine.
(c) A cross.
(d) A bag of potatoes.

4. What does the narrator say Napoleon has a passion for?
(a) Salt.
(b) Short servants.
(c) Chicken.
(d) War.

5. What does the cook use to surround the chicken he serves Napoleon?
(a) Parsley.
(b) Lettuce.
(c) Cilantro.
(d) Chives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the author of 'The Passion'?

2. Who does Henri say he is going to kill when Louise asks him?

3. What mistake does Villanelle´s mother make when she goes to make her offering?

4. What is the Queen of Spades´ reaction to Villanelle´s revelation as she leaves?

5. What special talent does Patrick possess?

Short Essay Questions

1. How many hands tall is Napoleon's horse? Why could no stable boy last?

2. What does Henri serve Josephine when he first meets her? Why is Henri uncomfortable during this encounter?

3. How tall are Napoleon's servants? Why is this?

4. What does the waiter bring Villanelle while she is waiting for work? Who does she see soon after?

5. While Henri serves in Court, what does he see Josephine doing? How does this make him feel?

6. After Villanelle´s first date with The Queen of Spades, what does she attempt to do? Who sees her?

7. Why doesn´t Patrick pray to the Virgin Mary? Why does he think this?

8. What makes Henri uncomfortable at church? What does he consider his stigmata?

9. When the little village girl asks Henri who he will kill, what does he reply? How does he clarify this for her?

10. What does the Queen of Spades order when Villanelle first meets her? What is Villanelle´s reaction to the Queen of Spades?

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