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Domino's Icicle

This object is an ice-encased gold chain which once hung from a tent in the Russian tundra.

The Kitchen

This is the place is where the main character prepares the chicken that Napoleon prefers.

Henri's Village

This place is a small farming community.

The Brothel

Henri visits this place after joining Napoleon's army. He is disillusioned by the experience.

Tiny Shoes

Patrick shows Henri this object. Supposedly they were shrunk by the power of goblin magic.


Villanelle pilots several of these objects throughout the novel.

Villanelle's Heart

This object is kept in a small jar.

Indigo Jar

This object contains a character's heart.

Queen of Spades

This object is the inspiration for which Villanelle names her lover.

Severed Hands

Villanelle's casino displays this object which once belonged to a wealthy gambler.

Venetian Knife

This object is the weapon Henri uses to slay the cook.


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