The Passion Character Descriptions

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Henri - This character ties his fate to the Grande Armee, serving as the emperor's cook.

Villanelle - This character was born with webbed feet of a boatman.

Napoleon Bonaparte - This character is depicted as a self-centered, self-indulgent, power-obsessed tyrant whom the French nevertheless love due to the passion he incites in them.

Cook - This character is the main character's superior and nemesis at Boulogne.

Domino - The horse-keeper at Boulogne, this character is one of Henri's closest friends.

Patrick - This character uses his allegedly telescopic eye to monitor enemy ships moving in the English Channel.

Queen of Spades - This character's true name is never revealed, though she is a an important love interest.

Henri's Mother - This character wanted to be a nun, but circumstances forced her into marriage and motherhood.

Henri's Father - A simple, but gentle man, this character won...

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