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Chapter 1, The Emperor, pg. 1-15

• The novel opens with a quote from Medea.

• The narrator talks about his and the country's love for Napoleon, and Napoleon's love for chicken.

• The narrator is Napoleon's servant, and serves him his chicken.

• Napoleon likes his servants to be shorter than him and completely subservient.

• The narrator, Henri, wanted to be a drummer, but did not have the hand strength required and was assigned to the kitchen.
• Henri's first job was to kill the chickens to be cooked for Napoleon.

• Henri is homesick, and thinks of the bonfires they had in his hometown.

• Henri is set to march with the army amongst tearful goodbyes, but all have a strong passion for Napoleon.

• Henri works with the cook, who takes him to a whorehouse.

• The cook gets drunk and belligerent, a woman knocks him out with a bottle.

• Henri talks about his mother...

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