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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the drinkard get out of "Hungry-Monster's" stomach?
(a) "Hungry-Monster's" belly-button is also a door, which the drinkard leaves through.
(b) He shoots and cuts his way out.
(c) He makes "Hungry-Monster" vomit.
(d) He climbs out "Hungry-Monster's" nose when he's asleep.

2. Why is the drinkard kicked out of "Dead's Town"?
(a) He is too loud.
(b) He is too dangerous.
(c) He falls and bleeds.
(d) He refuses to follow the rules.

3. Who is this year's annual sacrifice in the red bush?
(a) The king.
(b) The drinkard.
(c) The drinkard's wife.
(d) The red lady.

4. What is the drinkard's hobby in the next town they go to after escaping "Hungry-Monster"?
(a) He takes up gambling again.
(b) He goes to the hospital and observes doctors.
(c) He attends court and listens to cases.
(d) He helps at the post office and delivers important packages.

5. What does the tapster do for the drinkard and his wife?
(a) He convinces the head of "Dead's Town" to let them stay.
(b) He finds them a new tapster.
(c) He gets them a ride to their home town.
(d) He builds a hut for them outside of "Dead's Town."

6. Why does the man they are following make the drinkard and his wife carry his sack?
(a) It is too heavy for him.
(b) He is trying to blackmail them.
(c) He doesn't; they offer to help him.
(d) They owe him a favor from many years ago.

7. What does the man do on the morning of the seventh day of the parade?
(a) He kidnaps the king.
(b) He admits he is the real murderer.
(c) He runs away from town.
(d) He kills the drinkard and his wife.

8. Whom does the drinkard help during the "natural disaster"?
(a) Only people from his hometown.
(b) Only his family.
(c) Only his family and close friends.
(d) People from various towns and villages surrounding his house.

9. How do the townspeople react to what "Invisible-Pawn" does when the drinkard offers him yams and corn as a thank you?
(a) They are mad at the drinkard and plan to revolt.
(b) They share recipes with "Invisible-Pawn."
(c) They don't care either way.
(d) They celebrate with a feast.

10. Who is the third character involved in the first case's conflict?
(a) A cousin.
(b) A bystander.
(c) A wizard.
(d) A wife.

11. According to the tapster, why do "alives" and "deads" not live together?
(a) Because there is not enough food.
(b) Because God prohibits it.
(c) Because it is biologically impossible.
(d) Because each does things in opposite (and incorrect) ways.

12. Who says, "Wonderful hard worker, but he would be a wonderful robber in future"?
(a) Faithful-Mother.
(b) The Invisible-Pawn.
(c) The drinkard's wife.
(d) The drinkard.

13. Why is it so hard for the drinkard and his wife to reach and enter "Dead's Town"?
(a) They do not have the special key.
(b) There is a labyrinth they need to get through.
(c) They cannot enter during the day since they are alive.
(d) There is an optical illusion.

14. What do the drinkard and the tapser do together?
(a) Tap palm-wine with new technology.
(b) Build a carriage.
(c) Exchange stories.
(d) Go hunting.

15. What is the "Invisible-Pawn's" name?
(a) Give and Take.
(b) Come and Go.
(c) Catch and Release.
(d) Here and There.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the red people loose their redness?

2. When the drinkard and his wife are captured and put in a bag, what are the other creatures in the bag like?

3. Where is the next town the drinkard and his wife go to after escaping "Hungry-Monster"?

4. What happens after the drinkard re-gums the broken egg?

5. What was the tapster called before he died?

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