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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who figures out how to help the woman eat and speak again?
(a) The complete gentleman.
(b) Her father.
(c) The drinkard.
(d) Zurrjir.

2. What does the woman, who is held captive by Skull, have around her neck?
(a) A necklace.
(b) A scarf.
(c) A cowrie.
(d) Some juju.

3. As a child, what was the only type of money used in the protagonist's town?
(a) Dollars.
(b) Pounds.
(c) Cowries.
(d) Soles.

4. What is NOT true about "Spirit of Prey"?
(a) He walks on four legs.
(b) He has hard scales covering his body.
(c) He is as big as a hippopotamus.
(d) He has a head like a lion's.

5. Who does the woman marry?
(a) Skull.
(b) The complete gentleman.
(c) The drinkard.
(d) Zurrjir.

6. Which god does the king make the drinkard meet?
(a) God of Fertility.
(b) God of Wine.
(c) God of Travel.
(d) God of War.

7. What happens when the drinkard and his wife do finally talk to the king?
(a) They find themselves speaking a different language.
(b) The king sentences them to death.
(c) The drinkard's wife cries.
(d) Everyone begins to laugh.

8. What is NOT true about the specific creature the drinkard describes in "No road--out to travel from bust to bush to the Dead's town"?
(a) He is a quarter of a mile long
(b) He has one eye.
(c) He has four hands.
(d) He is six feet in diameter.

9. What does this character do in return for being forgotten by the king?
(a) He clears the field himself to get some attention.
(b) He undoes all the work everyone else had done in the field.
(c) He goes staight to the king to complain.
(d) He leaves Wraith Island.

10. What does the Termite House look like?
(a) A market place.
(b) A wooden chest.
(c) A cream colored umbrella.
(d) A maze.

11. Why does the drinkard cut down a tree when he and his wife reach the river?
(a) He makes his wife a wooden doll.
(b) He carves it into a boat.
(c) He carves it into weapons.
(d) He carves it into a paddle.

12. Who gave the drinkard the juju he uses to turn himself into a large bird?
(a) Spirit of Prey.
(b) A ghost.
(c) His father.
(d) Water Spirt Woman.

13. Which description is NOT true about "half-bodied baby"?
(a) He is getting heavier.
(b) He never sleeps.
(c) He is growing long hair.
(d) He is always hungry.

14. How long ago did the tapster leave the town where the drinkard thought he'd find him?
(a) 10 hours ago.
(b) 2 years ago.
(c) 10 years ago.
(d) 2 days ago.

15. When does "half-bodied baby" finally come down from the drinkard?
(a) When he meets Drums, Song, and Dance.
(b) When he want to learn how to walk.
(c) When they run into the white creatures.
(d) When he gets a big steak.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is NOT true about the terrible animal?

2. What does the old man (a god) give the drinkard to catch Death?

3. How does the king try to make the drinkard and his wife talk?

4. Where did the tapster go after leaving town?

5. Why won't the people of Wraith Island leave with the drinkard and his wife?

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