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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does David feel confused in Chapter 27?
(a) He gets lost in the hallway.
(b) He doesn't understand his training.
(c) He is sitting in the wrong room.
(d) He thinks he is overqualified for his training.

2. How does Lane Dean Jr. feel about his work in Chapter 33?
(a) He is bored with it.
(b) He is overloaded with it.
(c) He is very happy with it.
(d) He is content with it.

3. In Chapter 24, what level does David say he was hired into the IRS as?
(a) 10.
(b) 9.
(c) 11.
(d) 12.

4. Why is David's father in a rush to leave Libertyville in Chapter 22?
(a) He is nervous about being away from home.
(b) He doesn't want to miss the train.
(c) He isn't in a rush to catch the train.
(d) He wants to avoid David's mother.

5. In Chapter 30, how does Sylvanshine describe Lehrl's future office?
(a) By its windows and color scheme.
(b) By its windows and location.
(c) By its size and color scheme.
(d) By its size and location.

6. In Chapter 32, who does the IRS examiner call?
(a) His wife.
(b) His mother.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His sister.

7. In Chapter 24, who is the last person on the van once it arrives at the IRS building?
(a) A secret service agent.
(b) Cusk.
(c) A woman.
(d) David.

8. How does David's father die after his arm is stuck in the train in Chapter 22?
(a) From blood poisoning in his arm.
(b) From being dragged by the train.
(c) From hitting the wall of a train tunnel.
(d) From his arm bleeding.

9. In Chapter 30, what stands out most to Sylvanshine about Glendenning?
(a) The amount of money he makes.
(b) His relationship with Lehrl.
(c) The effectiveness of his team members.
(d) His recent promotion.

10. How does Sylvanshine describe examinations to Reynolds in Chapter 30?
(a) The money they create.
(b) The process that takes place.
(c) The emotions that occur during them.
(d) The amount of time they take.

11. In Chapter 26, which is the oldest phantom?
(a) Trekkor.
(b) Spiegel.
(c) Blumquist.
(d) Garrity.

12. In Chapter 22, what word does David use to describe himself in his youth?
(a) A wastoid.
(b) A stoner.
(c) A fool-a-tron.
(d) A mess.

13. In Chapter 27, what is David trained to do?
(a) Paper processing jobs.
(b) Create new forms.
(c) Jobs relating to people.
(d) Highly technical jobs.

14. In Chapter 32, what does the IRS examiner ask someone to do over the phone?
(a) An impersonation.
(b) Explain a problem.
(c) Sing.
(d) Tell a joke.

15. In Chapter 28, what does the narrator assume all IRS agents want?
(a) To advance their position.
(b) To be loved.
(c) To make the most money on an audit.
(d) To find a new job.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 22, what does David say was his drug of choice when he was younger?

2. How are IRS performance quotas described in Chapter 27?

3. What role does Manshardt have with the IRS?

4. In Chapter 30, where does Sylvanshine get the facts from that he shares with Reynolds?

5. What does Chapter 25 describe?

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