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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Cusk run off to during a break in Chapter 27?
(a) The basement.
(b) The bathroom.
(c) The parking lot.
(d) The hallway.

2. Why does David's father's arm get stuck in the train door in Chapter 22?
(a) Because of a malfunction with the train.
(b) Because David's father won't remove his arm.
(c) Because David's father moves too slow.
(d) No one knows.

3. In Chapter 27, what do the officials of the Peoria REC say about the filings they look for to avoid calling them "profitable"?
(a) "Money-ful".
(b) "Full of issues".
(c) "Noncompliant".
(d) "Problematic".

4. In Chapter 30, what is Sylvanshine's job?
(a) Return filing.
(b) Paper organizing.
(c) Audit management.
(d) Fact findings.

5. What does David first talk about in the beginning of Chapter 22?
(a) Pop culture.
(b) Movies of the 1920s.
(c) War history.
(d) His family tree.

6. At the end of Cusk's training in Chapter 27, how does Cusk respond to the training?
(a) He seems to understand it.
(b) He wants to become a trainer.
(c) He does not understand it.
(d) He starts to dislike it.

7. In Chapter 22, why does David say he switched colleges often?
(a) He was kicked out of them.
(b) He couldn't afford them.
(c) He wanted to be closer to home.
(d) He kept changing his major.

8. Why does David feel confused in Chapter 27?
(a) He gets lost in the hallway.
(b) He is sitting in the wrong room.
(c) He thinks he is overqualified for his training.
(d) He doesn't understand his training.

9. In Chapter 23, what is the primary feelings the narrator tries to convey?
(a) Fear.
(b) Pleasure.
(c) Boredom.
(d) Anger.

10. In Chapter 30, where does Sylvanshine get the facts from that he shares with Reynolds?
(a) A file he stole.
(b) He tells Reynolds lies.
(c) His psychic ability.
(d) From his boss.

11. What year do David's parents divorce?
(a) 1973.
(b) 1971.
(c) 1977.
(d) 1975.

12. What IRS hiring event takes place in Chapter 27?
(a) The reception before being sworn in.
(b) The informal orientation.
(c) The background check review.
(d) The formal orientation.

13. In Chapter 22, why does David say he grew up knowing some tax laws?
(a) His mother worked for the IRS.
(b) His father was an accountant.
(c) His family was audited twice.
(d) He did not grow up knowing tax laws.

14. Why is David's father in a rush to leave Libertyville in Chapter 22?
(a) He is nervous about being away from home.
(b) He doesn't want to miss the train.
(c) He wants to avoid David's mother.
(d) He isn't in a rush to catch the train.

15. In Chapter 27, what amount of returns are said to be possible audits?
(a) More than 2 percent.
(b) 1 and a half percent.
(c) Less than 1 percent.
(d) About 1 percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does David say happened to his mother in 1971?

2. In Chapter 24, what does David note about the van that picks him up?

3. Why does the Peoria REC rely on Martinsburg?

4. In Chapter 22, what does David say was his drug of choice when he was younger?

5. Who interrupts Lane Dean's work in Chapter 33?

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