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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does David's father's arm get stuck in the train door in Chapter 22?
(a) No one knows.
(b) Because of a malfunction with the train.
(c) Because David's father moves too slow.
(d) Because David's father won't remove his arm.

2. Why does David present information about his childhood in Chapter 22?
(a) To explain his relationship with his father.
(b) He doesn't give a reason.
(c) Because he says someone asked him.
(d) To explain why he is who is he is today.

3. In Chapter 22, what does David say was his drug of choice when he was younger?
(a) Prescription drugs.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) Chemical stimulants.
(d) Alcohol.

4. What happens when David sits next to Cusk on the IRS van?
(a) He falls off the seat.
(b) Cusk opens the window.
(c) They are crammed closed together.
(d) They ignore each other.

5. What do the agents at Peoria REC call the product of Martinsburg?
(a) A card.
(b) A file.
(c) A problem.
(d) A case.

6. Who are the main characters of Chapter 31?
(a) People being audited by the IRS.
(b) IRS employees.
(c) People interviewing for jobs with the IRS.
(d) IRS supervisors.

7. In Chapter 22, why does David say he grew up knowing some tax laws?
(a) His father was an accountant.
(b) His family was audited twice.
(c) His mother worked for the IRS.
(d) He did not grow up knowing tax laws.

8. Why does Cusk avoid looking at the woman who sits near him in Chapter 27?
(a) He doesn't want to talk to her.
(b) He doesn't avoid looking at the woman.
(c) He isn't allowed to talk to anyone.
(d) He thinks he knows her.

9. What role does Manshardt have with the IRS?
(a) Group manager.
(b) Childcare worker.
(c) Supervising agent.
(d) File clerk.

10. In Chapter 30, how does Sylvanshine describe Lehrl's future office?
(a) By its size and color scheme.
(b) By its windows and color scheme.
(c) By its windows and location.
(d) By its size and location.

11. How does Cusk feel when he returns from his break in Chapter 27?
(a) He doesn't return.
(b) The same as when he left.
(c) Better than when he left.
(d) Worse than when he left.

12. How does Lane Dean Jr. feel about his work in Chapter 33?
(a) He is very happy with it.
(b) He is content with it.
(c) He is overloaded with it.
(d) He is bored with it.

13. How are IRS performance quotas described in Chapter 27?
(a) As not existing.
(b) As being unofficial.
(c) As being official.
(d) As being quick to change.

14. Where does Chapter 25 take place?
(a) A civilian home.
(b) A state capitol.
(c) An IRS vault.
(d) An examination room.

15. What does Chapter 34 consist of?
(a) IRS formulas.
(b) IRS return codes.
(c) IRS penalties.
(d) IRS form numbers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What form does the narrator of Chapter 22 claim to use?

2. Where is Sylvanshine in Chapter 30?

3. Where does Cusk run off to during a break in Chapter 27?

4. In Chapter 30, who is Sylvanshine most interested in while talking with Reynolds?

5. In Chapter 22, what makes David interested in tax and tax law?

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