The Pale King Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What makes Claude happy in Chapter 2?

Claude is happy that his job is relocating him to Illinois. He is currently working in New York City, and some unspecified problem with their businesses has left Claude worried and upset. The move to a new office frees him of this stress.

2. In the beginning of this novel, how does Claude feel about his job?

In the beginning of this novel, Claude likes his job with the IRS, even though it has been stressful lately. He has a mid-level ranking and feels friendly toward most of his coworkers.

3. What makes Chapter 4 different from Chapters 1-3?

Chapter 4 is different from the first three chapters because instead of featuring characters and plot, it is just a newspaper article. Chapter 4 states that an unidentified IRS agent was found dead several days after his death. At this point, it's not clear which IRS agent is dead.

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