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Short Answer Questions

1. What reaction do Melanie and Michael have upon finding out about Emily's condition at the time of death?

2. What does Melanie find out in mid-November 1997?

3. What does Chris reveal in an interview with Marrone?

4. What kind of job does Gus have the night of the dinner in 1997?

5. What does Chris do when he is single?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Melanie latch onto the idea that Chris killed Emily?

2. How does James feel about the situation with Chris once Chris is arrested?

3. How do the Golds and Hartes contrast?

4. Why is Melanie unable to take part in funeral preparations?

5. Why is James' award not such a rewarding experience?

6. What does Chris' reaction to the killing of the rabbit suggest?

7. Why does Gus relent and let the detective talk to Chris?

8. Why does Gus try to keep the police from talking to Chris?

9. What makes Chris appear to be innocent?

10. What do you think happened in the men's room at McDonalds?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Grief is a theme that is seen in all characters in "The Pact." Melanie and Michael grieve the loss of their daughter in starkly different ways, as do James and Gus. Describe the different stages of grief and which characters experience what stage. How does Melanie handle her grief in contrast with her husband? Make sure you answer each question thoroughly and use evidence from the book for support.

Essay Topic 2

Dreams play a large role in "The Pact." They act as symbols for different characters to interpret. What dream does Gus have repeatedly, and what does it represent? How is resolved, and what does that resolution mean? Make sure you answer each question thoroughly and use evidence from the book for support.

Essay Topic 3

Novels usually show a transformation in characters through a series of trials and events. In "The Pact," almost every character is changed by the events they experience. How are characters transformed by the events that transpire, and is it a good or bad change? Why or why not? Choose two characters to focus on when answering that question. Make sure you answer each question, using examples from the book.

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