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Lesson 1 (from Part One, The Boy Next Door: Now, November 1997)


"The Pact" starts with the introduction of four main characters that make up two couples. Michael and Melanie are happily married as are Gus and James, but Gus and Michael match more in personality, as do James and Melanie. This lesson will focus on personality and its role in the story.


1). Graphic organizer: Create a graphic organizer that lists traits of each character's personality.

2). Group discussion: Discuss the following questions in groups of 3-4 students each. How do Melanie and James' personalities match in comparison with those of Michael and Gus? What kind of balance is created by having couples with different personalities?

3). Individual Activity: Imagine that the couples were married according to how much they matched. Write a brief characterization of their marriage and what kind of balance (or lack thereof) there would be in it, considering that they have the same personalities.

4). Homework...

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