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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Art suggest that Gil do?

2. What winning argument does Tetley have for leaving immediately?

3. How many sons does Bartlett bring with him?

4. Who owns the local saloon where they first stop in?

5. Who tries to explain the concept of law and it's process to Art and Gil?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Canby tell Art and Gil regarding events they have missed while working through the winter?

2. Who is the only man in sight when Gil and Art pull into Bridger's Wells?

3. What ritual conversation do Gil and Canby engage in every time Gil arrives?

4. Why does Davies claim that lynch mobs are always wrong?

5. What is Gil looking forward to most about getting back to Bridger's Wells this spring?

6. What kind of alcohol does Canby have in his saloon, and what does he serve?

7. What do the bulk of the men assembling to ride with Farnley believe?

8. What does Davies believe that Farnley should do, and how many men agree with him?

9. Why is Gil so angry and disappointed when he learns that Rose has already left Bridger's Wells?

10. Who is Gabe and what is seen as his greatest value?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which of the passengers in the stage surprises the men in the posse? What is more surprising than this passenger's presence? How is Gil affected? What is Art urged to do and why? How does he respond? What is the reason for his decision? How does he hold up after the stage leaves? Who approaches Gil with a barely disguised warning? How does Gil respond?

Essay Topic 2

What do Tetley and his group discover when they approach the fire in Ox-Bow valley? How does Tetley organize the group? Why are some of the men in the group surprised? Who interrogates the men at the fire? Who speaks for them, and what does he tell the group? Where are he and his two men headed? What does he have with him? Why don't the men believe him? What conflicting evidence is there?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Tetley decide to call a vote the following morning? Who is at the head of the group who is against hanging Martin and his men? How many men stand with him? Who doesn't step forward, but agrees with bringing the men down to face legal consequences instead? What might the outcome have been had the remaining holdouts stepped forward?

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