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Patricia McConnell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does McConnell believe about how the majority of prospective owners base their decision to adopt or buy a dog on?
(a) She supports certain breeds.
(b) She doesn't support certain breeds.
(c) She supports it.
(d) She doesn't support it.

2. Does McConnell believe that generalizations about breeds are correct?
(a) Yes.
(b) It depends on the breed.
(c) No.
(d) It depends on the breeder.

3. What example does McConnell provide that is an analogous to leaving a pack?
(a) A child growing up and leaving the family unit.
(b) An elderly person getting sick and entering a nursing home.
(c) A person getting married and having children.
(d) A college student graduating and getting a job.

4. According to McConnell, an owner should de-emphasize what as an ideal way to deal with a dog?
(a) Dominance.
(b) Commands.
(c) Treats.
(d) Submission.

5. Why should an owner give two pats on the dog's head after saying the command to curb unwanted behavior?
(a) To release the dog from the command.
(b) To reassure the dog that it's okay to follow the command.
(c) To reinforce the command for the dog.
(d) To reward the dog for obeying the command.

Short Answer Questions

1. Besides giving a dog a command to wait at the door, what else does McConnell suggest an owner do?

2. At the vet's, how should an owner pet her or his dog to calm it down?

3. Why does McConnell dislike her least favorite responsibility?

4. What is one example of a dog who cannot be cooped up in a city apartment?

5. Why is it important to consider a dog's personality when choosing a breed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why should owners not expect a dog to behave in the same way no matter what the environment?

2. What is the sensitive period in a dog's life, and why is it important?

3. How does a dog interpret being petted on the top of the head, and why is it significant?

4. What have studies found about an owner grieving over a pet, and why is it significant?

5. What is the difference between breed and personality?

6. What advice does McConnell give to a person grieving over the loss of a pet?

7. In what circumstances is a dog wrong for a home and what are the consequences?

8. Why is a working breed ill-suited to live in an apartment in a city, according to McConnell?

9. What are the types of individuals in social hierarchies, and which type has the most aggression?

10. How do juvenile wolves differ from adults in terms of social hierarchies and how does it pertain to dogs?

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