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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks to call William "Father"?
(a) Catherine
(b) Little Henry
(c) Princess Elizabeth
(d) Princess Mary

2. What does Mary pray Anne has during this pregnancy?
(a) Twins
(b) A boy
(c) A girl
(d) A miscarriage

3. Where does Anne hide to avoid the crowd?
(a) In a tree
(b) In her furs
(c) She doesn't
(d) In the water

4. With whom is Uncle Howard holding meetings?
(a) The King
(b) Sheltons
(c) Anne
(d) Boleyns

5. George tells Mary the court would corrupt a _______.
(a) Sane man
(b) Cardinal
(c) Priest
(d) Saint

6. Who asks to go to court with Mary?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) William
(c) Catherine
(d) George

7. Where does Anne want Mary to be with her?
(a) Norfolk
(b) London
(c) Windsor
(d) Richmond

8. Who teaches the woman in #129 how to behave for the King?
(a) Anne
(b) Howard
(c) Mary
(d) George

9. Who are the two women Henry is torn between?
(a) Madge and Anne
(b) Jane and Anne
(c) Anne and Mary
(d) Madge and Jane

10. Who is pregnant during this section?
(a) Anne
(b) Princess Mary
(c) Madge Shelton
(d) Mary

11. What is "Sending a Cardinal to Hell"?
(a) A play
(b) A promise
(c) A book
(d) A masque

12. What does the mob of 8000 threaten to do to Anne?
(a) Throw her in the river
(b) Praise her
(c) Reveal her secret
(d) Hang her

13. What is the charge of the men who are imprisoned?
(a) Theft
(b) Conspiracy
(c) The poisoning of the men
(d) Adultery involving the Queen

14. What is the name of the new princess who will take the place of Princess Mary as heir?
(a) Maria
(b) Katherina
(c) Elsabetha
(d) Elizabeth

15. Who does Anne force to be present during the birth of the new child?
(a) Princess Catherine
(b) Mary
(c) Princess Mary
(d) Katherine

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Mary receive a letter?

2. What are men writing to the Queen when Mary returns to court?

3. From where was the swordsman ordered?

4. Who does Anne insist on taking with her when she is arrested?

5. To where does Mary want to return?

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