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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Anne give Henry a present?
(a) New Year
(b) His birthday
(c) Easter
(d) Christmas

2. What was sent for Mary and William's journey?
(a) A royal group of horses
(b) A royal escort
(c) A royal barge
(d) A royal coach

3. George tells Anne she belongs in a Bagnio. What is that?
(a) A mental institution
(b) A nunnery
(c) Jail
(d) A brothel

4. Who ends up escorting Mary to court?
(a) William
(b) Henry
(c) Uncle
(d) George

5. What is the charge of the men who are imprisoned?
(a) Adultery involving the Queen
(b) Conspiracy
(c) The poisoning of the men
(d) Theft

6. What does the reader learn Henry often is?
(a) Perverted
(b) Asleep before sex can even begin
(c) Sleeping with many women at the same time
(d) Impotent

7. Where has Anne journeyed to in order to conceive her current child?
(a) A place of peace
(b) A witchdoctor
(c) The gates of hell
(d) A nunnery

8. About what is Anne to tell Henry she was mistaken?
(a) Being in love with him
(b) Being as angry as she is
(c) Being pregnant
(d) Being upset at his taking a lover

9. Who is summoned back to the court, without their spouse or child?
(a) George
(b) Mary
(c) Francis
(d) William

10. What is causing Henry to avoid Anne?
(a) Her temper tantrums
(b) Her nagging
(c) Her disease
(d) His love for another

11. To whom is Katherine writing appeals?
(a) The Pope
(b) Cardinal Wolsey
(c) King Henry
(d) Cardinal Cranmer

12. From whom does Mary receive a note telling her that George will escort her to court?
(a) Henry
(b) George
(c) William
(d) Uncle

13. What is the present to Henry?
(a) A note
(b) A fountain
(c) A book
(d) A son

14. Who is one of the people that does NOT know about Anne's pregnancy?
(a) George
(b) Anne
(c) Mary
(d) Henry

15. Where does Mary sit as she and George are covering for Anne and Henry?
(a) On the ground
(b) On a rock outside
(c) Anne's chair
(d) George's lap

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mary's uncle say to take away from court?

2. What is "Sending a Cardinal to Hell"?

3. When does Anne become pregnant again?

4. Who has grown fat and gluttonous?

5. Who does Anne force to be present during the birth of the new child?

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