The Other Boleyn Girl Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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Mary Boleyn

This character's voice serves as narrator of the story. This character is somewhat naive but has the ingrained manners, reserve, and attitude of a true courtier.

This character is fiercely competitive with her sister, both vying for attention and love, but they are also bound to each other by their shared blood and family ties.

Anne Boleyn

This character is a young woman with exceptional beauty, education, grace and athletic ability, wit, charm and, above all, ambition. Raised in the French court, this character has learned the stylish and flirtatious ways of French royalty. She arrives in the English court in the early stages of her sister's affair with King Henry VIII.

George Boleyn

This character is a tragic figure in this story.

Although he is in the king's high favor and one of his closest men, this character cannot resist a wild lifestyle. He and...

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