The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Spring 1521 | Spring 1522

• Mary Boleyn witnesses the beheading of a Duke.

• Mary is surprised when the head is held up for all to see.

• Through this action, the King is sending out the message that he is omnipotent.

• Mary's mother calls her a fool for saying Mary is surprised about the execution occurring.

• Mary's father announces he will go back to France to bring back Mary's sister Anne.

• Mary and Anne hug and begin to catch up on their lives.

• Anne seems taken with King Henry.

• The King seems to have taken a liking to Mary, though she is married to William Carey.

• Mary and the King get along well and are prepared to sleep with each other.

• Mary feigns illness to leave the court and go to the country at Hever.

Summer 1522 | Winter 1522

• The King invites Mary back to the court.

• War against France has broken out at...

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