The Orphan Master's Son Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Adam Johnson (writer)
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1. In the Prelude, what river are the engineers deepening?


2. In the Prelude, what helped shade Kim Jong II as he guided engineers?


3. What recipe was wanted in the Prologue?

Pumpkin Rind soup.

4. What year did fish supposedly offer fish to sustain Admiral Yi's sailors?


5. In what harbor did sharks offer fish to help sustain Admiral Yi's sailors during a siege?


6. How many names are on the list used to name the orphans?


7. How does the Orphan Master punish Jun Do sometimes?

The smoking end of a coal shovel.

8. In Part I, Chapter 1 when the orphans were shoveling a powder from the boxcars, what color did they turn?


9. What year do the floods come?


10. What is Bo Song's handicap?


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