The Orphan Master's Son Fun Activities

Adam Johnson (writer)
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Jun Do's Biography

Write a biography of Jun Do's life.

Map It

Use a map to show the places where Jun Do lived and traveled.


Research the history of North and South Korea. Write a few paragraphs explaining what you learned.


Write a short story telling what you think happened to the kidnapped victims.

North Korea/America

Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast North Korea as it is portrayed in the novel to America.


Discuss with a group why Kim Jong Il allowed Jun Do to impersonate Commander Ga at first.

The Final Escape

Write a paragraph discussing what you would do if you knew you and your family could be imprisoned at any time. Would you prepare as Comrade Buc did?

Sun Moon's New Movie

Write a synopsis for a new movie for Sun Moon.

Kim Jong Il

Research the life of...

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