The Orphan Master's Son Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Adam Johnson (writer)
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Essay Topic 1

Jun Do was not an orphan, yet he lived in an orphanage. Why did Jun Do live in an orphan and bear an orphan's name if he was not an orphan?

Essay Topic 2

What factors--natural, political, and economic--lead to the disbanding of the orphanage where Jun Do and the other boys lived?

Essay Topic 3

What was the work that Jun Do did for Officer So, and how did this work affect Jun Do physically and emotionally?

Essay Topic 4

What was Jun Do's job after he no longer worked with Officer So, and how did this job affect his character?

Essay Topic 5

Why, if Jun Do was a hero, was he beaten so badly that it took him a long while to recover?

Essay Topic 6

Why were Dr. Song and Comrade Buc highly motivated to succeed at the mission to Texas?

Essay Topic 7

When Jun Dow was...

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