The Orphan Master's Son Character Descriptions

Adam Johnson (writer)
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Pak Jun Do

This character's mother was a singer, and he becomes a tunnel soldier at age 14.

Orphan Master

This character supervised boys who had no parents.


This character was imprisoned by the Russians and his wife was married to another while he was away.

Dr. Song

This character is an older man who leads a mission to Texas and whose driver pretends to be a minster.

Comrade Buc

This character if a procurement officer and flies around the world getting goods for top officials. He ends up in Division 42.


This character is a photographer who photographs the dying and dead.

Sun Moon

This character is an actress who is married to the minister of prisons.

Commander Ga

This character is a prison minister; he is killed and his identity stolen.

Kim Jong Il

This character is the dictator of North Korea.


This character is the...

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