The Orphan Master's Son Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Adam Johnson (writer)
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Prelude and Part One, Chapters 1 - 3 (pages 3 - 90)

• All Jun Do knows about his mother is that she was a singer; that is all his father, the Orphan Master, will tell him.

• As the oldest boy at the orphanage, Long Tomorrows, Jun Do portions the food, assigns bunks, and renames the new boys.

• He doesn't receive any favoritism from his father; when the rabbit warren is dirty, he spends the night locked in it.

• When boys wet their bunks, he chips the frozen urine off the floor.

• Sometimes boys are adopted by a factory, or they are lent to work for a day.

• In the year Juche 85 the floods come and the boys are put to work trying to save the workers from the Sungli 58 factory from being swept into the harbor.

• After the flood comes famine, and the Orphan Master gives up, burns the boys' bunks, and...

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