Daily Lessons for Teaching On the Origin of Species

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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)



Darwin proposes a very unique and controversial idea for his time. This lesson will explore the setting and circumstances surrounding Darwin's theory. Students will gain a deeper understanding for Darwin's theory and why it was not widely accepted.


1. Class Discussion. What did most people think about creation at the time of Darwin's theory? What is the main premise of Darwin's theory? How does Darwin establish his credibility? What objections does Darwin anticipate? Do the objections affect his study? How does Darwin go about studying his theory? Was he able to gather and record enough information to prove his theory? Why or why not?

2. Writing activity. Students will write a paragraph response discussing why they believe Darwin received so must resistance and discuss their thoughts regarding: had Darwin's theory become public during some other time, would he still have gotten resistance toward it?

3. Group activity...

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