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• Darwin begins his studies on the H.M.S. Beagle.

• Darwin discusses the scientific method and its importance in his work.

• There are two keys to research, experimentation, and observation.

• Darwin discusses some flaws in scientific research.

Chapter 1: Variation Under Domestication

• Darwin suggests that the key to variation of a species is heredity.

• Darwin notes previous theories and researchers who addressed this issue.

• Since selection deals will varying traits for the better, some variations will be more useful than others.

Chapter 2: Variation Under Nature

• There is a difference between variations and species.

• Darwin notes that natural selection and heredity were key components to the development of a species.

• A number of concepts are brought up here, including heredity variations, geographical isolation, and struggle for existence.

Chapter 3: Struggle For Existence

• Darwin continues discussing his theory of evolution.

• All species struggle for existence.

• There are many limitations that hinder...

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