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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom must Cilissa go fetch?

2. What do the Furies claim about Orestes to Athena?

3. To whom does the oracle pray after her vision in the beginning of The Eumenides?

4. What does Clytemnestra call out for when she hears the noise from inside the palace in the third part of "The Libation Bearers"?

5. In what state is Orestes' old nurse, Cilissa, upon hearing that Orestes was murdered?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Orestes find ironic about the deaths of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra?

2. Why does Apollo appear to Orestes while at Delphi?

3. After receiving false news in the third part of the second play, what is Clytemnestra's reaction to news of Orestes' supposed death?

4. What ends up being the fate of the Furies at the end of the play?

5. How does Orestes defend himself in his trial?

6. According to their words in the second part of the third play, what do the Furies believe about their rights?

7. Who is revealed to be encouraging the Furies to hunt Orestes and why?

8. Why do the Furies claim Orestes' journey to Athens has been useless when they catch up with him in the second part of "The Eumenides"?

9. What does Athena decide to do about judging the case between Orestes and the Furies?

10. What was Clytemnestra's dream?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the reactions the chorus and Orestes have to Clytemnestra's relationship with Aegisthus. Conversely, look at how the chorus and Clytemnestra treat Agamemnon when he reveals that he has brought Cassandra back with him as a concubine. What do these differing reactions signify about the roles of men and women in this play? Are these a reflection of the time? Bear in mind that in the first play the chorus is comprised of old men. Cite specific examples from the text to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the following options to write about. Cite specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

1) Electra as a passive character.

2) The herald's statements about the price of victory in war.

3) The curse on the house of Atreus.

Essay Topic 3

Create a thesis centered around the argument that a good deal of the problems in "The Oresteia" are the results of a generational conflict. Cite specific examples from the text to support your arguments. Points to consider include:

1) The differing approaches to revenge and justice in each generation.

2) The conflict between the elder gods and the younger gods.

3) Athena's peace offering to the Furies at the end of the play.

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