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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For which family member's sake did Agamemnon go to Troy?
(a) Menelaus.
(b) Priam.
(c) Hector.
(d) Paris.

2. What does Agamemnon think about this particular welcome home?
(a) He does not want his people to think poorly of him for not having a grand entrance.
(b) He is very happy with it.
(c) He does not want his people to think worse of him for being surrounded by indulgence.
(d) He wants his concubine to be impressed.

3. How does Clytemnestra defend her actions against Agamemnon to the chorus?
(a) She argues that she cannot be cursed again.
(b) She argues that there never was a curse.
(c) She argues that the Furies will not hurt her.
(d) She argues that she ended the curse.

4. According to Agamemnon, what was the cause of Troy's being "ground into dust?"
(a) It was because of a misunderstanding.
(b) It was the will of the gods.
(c) It was the will of two kings.
(d) It was over a woman.

5. For what does Aegisthus thank the gods in the fifth part of the first play?
(a) The chorus.
(b) Clytemnestra.
(c) Justice.
(d) Their benevolence.

6. What reasoning did Clytemnestra give for exiling a certain person before the events of "The Agamemnon"?
(a) She was afraid that gods would smite her son.
(b) She wanted to keep her son safe from Trojan assassins.
(c) She wanted him out of the way of her lover's ascension.
(d) She was afraid her daughter might tempt her lover.

7. What gift did Apollo give Cassandra before the events of The Oresteia?
(a) The ability of persuasion.
(b) Immortality.
(c) The ability to speak in tongues.
(d) Prophecy.

8. For what does Clytemnestra particularly take offense with the chorus while reveling in her triumph?
(a) The chorus did not beg her for her forgiveness.
(b) The chorus condemns her murder of Agamemnon, but not his murder of their daughter.
(c) The chorus sympathized with Cassandra.
(d) The chorus did not ask the gods to bless her.

9. According to Clytemnestra, where are the signals that the man on the roof was watching for?
(a) In trees.
(b) On ships strewn throughout the oceans.
(c) In caves.
(d) On top of mountains.

10. After receiving news of the fall of Troy, which Trojan does the chorus agree got what he deserved?
(a) Aeneas.
(b) Paris.
(c) Hector.
(d) Ajax.

11. To Aegisthus's consternation, of what does the chorus remind him?
(a) He was not fit to be a soldier.
(b) He is half the man that Agamemnon was.
(c) He is not of royal blood.
(d) Clytemnestra did all the work in murdering Agamemnon.

12. What is concerning the chorus at the end of Play 1, Part 1?
(a) They do not know if Troy has truly fallen.
(b) They do not know if Agamemnon knows that his wife has not been faithful.
(c) They do not know if Agamemnon's return is as joyful as they believed.
(d) They do not know if there is a Trojan assassin waiting for them.

13. Why does Agamemnon walk inside his palace the way he does?
(a) He believes it is more touching to walk in together.
(b) He does not care about Clytemnestra's feelings on the matter.
(c) He believes it is more humbling.
(d) He believes it is grander.

14. What woman is accompanying Agamemnon on his return to Mycenae?
(a) Phoebe.
(b) Briseis.
(c) Andromache.
(d) Cassandra.

15. Whom did Clytemnestra send into exile?
(a) Electra.
(b) Hecuba.
(c) Iphigenia.
(d) Orestes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Clytemnestra told her daughter to say in her prayers before she comes to the tomb in the second play?

2. In the first part of the first play, according to Clytemnestra, what does Agamemnon have yet to endure?

3. What feelings suddenly strike the chorus after Agamemnon enters his palace?

4. What past events does Cassandra see in a vision?

5. According to the chorus of women, what will atone for the murder of Agamemnon?

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