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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In her first appearance, Clytemnestra claims the chorus does not believe her. On what grounds does she base this claim?
(a) She is not faithful to her husband.
(b) She is not a holy woman.
(c) She is a woman.
(d) She is an inexperienced queen.

2. What does Orestes wonder about the women approaching his father's tomb?
(a) He wonders if they are there to desecrate the tomb.
(b) He wonders if they are there to move his father's body to safety.
(c) He wonders if they are there to mourn his father or a new tragedy.
(d) He wonders if they are there to celebrate his father's life.

3. What gift did Apollo give Cassandra before the events of The Oresteia?
(a) Immortality.
(b) The ability of persuasion.
(c) Prophecy.
(d) The ability to speak in tongues.

4. For what does Aegisthus thank the gods in the fifth part of the first play?
(a) Justice.
(b) Their benevolence.
(c) The chorus.
(d) Clytemnestra.

5. Why does Cassandra walk into the palace?
(a) She hears Agamemnon calling for her.
(b) She refuses to run from her fate.
(c) She has nothing else to do.
(d) She hears Clytemnestra calling for help.

6. Whom does Orestes wonder might be leading the crowd of women coming to Agamemnon's tomb?
(a) Iphigenia.
(b) Electra.
(c) Clytemnestra.
(d) Cassandra.

7. For what does the herald thank the gods?
(a) He thanks them for having such a benevolent queen.
(b) He thanks them for blessing him and the army.
(c) He thanks them for speaking to him.
(d) He thanks them for sending him his wife.

8. What does Clytemnestra assume about Cassandra?
(a) Cassandra is deaf.
(b) Cassandra is not very smart.
(c) Cassandra is being belligerent.
(d) Cassandra does not understand what is being said.

9. For what does Clytemnestra triumphantly reproach the chorus in the fifth part of "The Agamemnon"?
(a) Their reliance on the gods to intervene.
(b) Underestimating her because of her gender.
(c) Their ignorance about politics.
(d) Their support of Cassandra.

10. What does Cassandra remove from her person in the fourth part of the first play?
(a) Her royal jewelry.
(b) The chains Agamemnon put around her.
(c) Her long hair.
(d) The crest of her family.

11. For whom is the chorus crying out to return after the death of Agamemnon?
(a) Orestes.
(b) Menelaus.
(c) Cassandra.
(d) Agamemnon

12. According to Clytemnestra, where are the signals that the man on the roof was watching for?
(a) In caves.
(b) In trees.
(c) On top of mountains.
(d) On ships strewn throughout the oceans.

13. For what does Clytemnestra particularly take offense with the chorus while reveling in her triumph?
(a) The chorus did not beg her for her forgiveness.
(b) The chorus did not ask the gods to bless her.
(c) The chorus sympathized with Cassandra.
(d) The chorus condemns her murder of Agamemnon, but not his murder of their daughter.

14. After Cassandra enters the castle and their monologue is interrupted, what dispute rises amongst the chorus?
(a) They do not know whether to stop the murder or let it be.
(b) They do not know if there are gods walking among them.
(c) They do not know if Agamemnon or Clytemnestra is the more vicious of the two rulers.
(d) They do not know if Cassandra spoke the truth.

15. What is Aegisthus's reaction when the chorus brings up Clytemnestra and her role in the murders?
(a) He threatens them violently.
(b) He goes back inside.
(c) He ignores them.
(d) He meekly agrees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the herald so joyful?

2. What does Clytemnestra wish for herself and her country at the end of the Agamemnon?

3. To whom does Orestes pray while at his father's tomb?

4. What does somber information does the chorus remind the herald of?

5. While mourning her father at his grave, what does Electra pray for the most?

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