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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 3, Part 3 (p.215-230).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Orestes hold up as proof that his father has been avenged?
(a) Aegisthus's bloody robes.
(b) The crown.
(c) His mother's bloody robes.
(d) The cloth that Agamemnon was trapped in before he was murdered.

2. What confuses Orestes about Clytemnestra's orders for the tomb?
(a) He does not know why she does not perform the ritual herself.
(b) He does not know why she cares.
(c) He does not know why libations must be poured over it.
(d) He does not know why she is desecrating the tomb.

3. After Cassandra enters the castle and their monologue is interrupted, what dispute rises amongst the chorus?
(a) They do not know whether to stop the murder or let it be.
(b) They do not know if Agamemnon or Clytemnestra is the more vicious of the two rulers.
(c) They do not know if Cassandra spoke the truth.
(d) They do not know if there are gods walking among them.

4. What is Cassandra's reaction to Clytemnestra?
(a) She tells her she does not wish to leave the city.
(b) Cassandra refuses the wine Clytemnestra offers.
(c) Cassandra throws herself at her feet.
(d) She does not move from the chariot.

5. What does Clytemnestra call out for when she hears the noise from inside the palace in the third part of "The Libation Bearers"?
(a) A sword.
(b) An axe.
(c) Zeus's intervention.
(d) The Furies.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does part of the chorus react to the death of Agamemnon?

2. According to Clytemnestra's message to the herald, how has she kept her husband's house?

3. To what does the chorus compare Troy after the herald exits?

4. What does Athena decide about the case presented to her by Orestes and the Furies?

5. What does Orestes pray for at the beginning of "The Libation Bearers"?

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