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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 3, Part 3 (p.215-230).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Paris's actual deed that set off the Trojan War?
(a) He kidnapped Helen.
(b) He murdered Menelaus.
(c) He dishonored Aphrodite.
(d) He rejected Apollo.

2. For what does Clytemnestra particularly take offense with the chorus while reveling in her triumph?
(a) The chorus condemns her murder of Agamemnon, but not his murder of their daughter.
(b) The chorus did not beg her for her forgiveness.
(c) The chorus did not ask the gods to bless her.
(d) The chorus sympathized with Cassandra.

3. What does Aegisthus brag about to the chorus?
(a) He claims to have killed Agamemnon.
(b) He claims to have planned Agamemnon's death.
(c) He claims to have bested Apollo in a competition.
(d) He claims to have killed Cassandra.

4. What was Apollo's reaction to Cassandra not meeting his expectations when he granted her with a gift?
(a) He turned the other gods against her.
(b) He took away her gift of prophecy.
(c) He cursed her to speak the truth but never to be believed.
(d) He impregnated her, shaming her family.

5. What does Orestes wonder about Aegisthus after he has murdered his mother?
(a) He wonders if Aegisthus suffered during his death.
(b) He wonders if Aegisthus was repenting his sins in the last moments of his life.
(c) He wonders if Aegisthus was truly guilty.
(d) He wonders if Aegisthus is receiving an adulterer's punishment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Apollo claim about mothers and fathers in the last part of "The Eumenides"?

2. About whom was the oracle's vision?

3. How does Orestes introduce himself to Athena?

4. What do the female attendants lay on the ground for Agamemnon to walk upon?

5. What does Orestes claim has taken away the sin of his mother's murder away?

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