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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 3, Part 1 (p. 199-205).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aegisthus claim after his entrance in "The Libation Bearers"?
(a) He cannot be fooled.
(b) He is the father of Orestes.
(c) He is the wisest man in Mycenae.
(d) He is thrice blessed by the gods.

2. Why does the herald believe what he claims about Agamemnon's brother?
(a) Menelaus is too good of a sailor to get lost.
(b) Helen loves Menelaus too much to harm him.
(c) Menelaus angered the gods by burning Troy.
(d) He does not believe Zeus is ready to take him yet.

3. What does Orestes promise Zeus if he succeeds in his revenge?
(a) He will build a grand altar for Zeus.
(b) He will worship the gods as humbly as he can.
(c) He will live anonymously and wisely.
(d) He will restore the glory of their name.

4. What does Orestes wonder about the women approaching his father's tomb?
(a) He wonders if they are there to desecrate the tomb.
(b) He wonders if they are there to mourn his father or a new tragedy.
(c) He wonders if they are there to move his father's body to safety.
(d) He wonders if they are there to celebrate his father's life.

5. What future events does Cassandra foresee after she sees the past?
(a) She sees herself escaping the city.
(b) She sees herself as queen of Mycenae.
(c) She sees the murder of herself and Agamemnon by Clytemnestra.
(d) She sees herself ruling Mycenae with Clytemnestra's lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Orestes see when he cries out in terror after he has avenged his father's murder?

2. What does Orestes hold up as proof that his father has been avenged?

3. What does Clytemnestra assume about Cassandra?

4. What do the female attendants lay on the ground for Agamemnon to walk upon?

5. What does Aegisthus brag about to the chorus?

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