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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 2, Part 3 (p. 183-190).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did Clytemnestra send into exile?
(a) Orestes.
(b) Electra.
(c) Iphigenia.
(d) Hecuba.

2. What does Electra find on her father's tomb?
(a) Letters she wrote to her brother.
(b) A lock of Orestes' hair.
(c) A book of verse.
(d) Orestes' sword.

3. In the first part of the first play, what signal is the man on the roof looking for?
(a) A bonfire.
(b) A ship.
(c) An arrow.
(d) A moonbeam.

4. In the first part of the first play, what does the chorus say of Agamemnon's fate?
(a) His is preordained.
(b) His fate is open.
(c) His fate will be to live a long life.
(d) The chorus says nothing about his fate.

5. What does the chorus instruct Cilissa to do instead of following Clytemnestra's orders?
(a) Cilissa must bring Aegisthus alone.
(b) Cilissa must push Aegisthus into the bay.
(c) Cilissa must convince Aegisthus to cleanse himself.
(d) Cilissa must cut Aegisthus's throat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who commanded Orestes to seek vengeance for his father's death?

2. Who comprises the group of women at Agamemnon's tomb?

3. According to the chorus, what was Paris's crime?

4. What does Orestes realize about his mother's dream?

5. In what state is Orestes' old nurse, Cilissa, upon hearing that Orestes was murdered?

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