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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 1, Part 5 (p.150-159).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the herald believe about Agamemnon's brother?
(a) He is still alive.
(b) He perished at sea.
(c) His soul is restless.
(d) He is wandering the earth for all eternity.

2. After Cassandra enters the castle and their monologue is interrupted, what dispute rises amongst the chorus?
(a) They do not know if there are gods walking among them.
(b) They do not know if Agamemnon or Clytemnestra is the more vicious of the two rulers.
(c) They do not know if Cassandra spoke the truth.
(d) They do not know whether to stop the murder or let it be.

3. Who is the first character to speak in "The Oresteia"?
(a) The Watchman.
(b) Menelaus.
(c) The leader of the chorus.
(d) Agamemnon.

4. What kept Agamemnon from leaving for Troy right away?
(a) He did not feel he had probable cause to go to Troy.
(b) He did not wish to leave his family.
(c) A prophecy.
(d) No wind.

5. What does Clytemnestra remind the chorus to do after Aegisthus's outburst?
(a) Make offerings for Agamemnon's soul.
(b) Pray to the gods.
(c) Never tell anyone what they witnessed.
(d) Keep to their place.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does part of the chorus react to the death of Agamemnon?

2. What does Cassandra remove from her person in the fourth part of the first play?

3. What is the herald's opinion on Troy and Paris?

4. What is Aegisthus's relationship to Clytemnestra as demonstrated at the end of "The Agamemnon"?

5. To Aegisthus's consternation, of what does the chorus remind him?

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