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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 1, Part 4 (p.140150).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Apollo expect in return for the gift he granted to Cassandra?
(a) Cassandra was to renounce all other gods.
(b) Cassandra was to give herself to him.
(c) Cassandra was to honor him publicly.
(d) Cassandra was to build a shrine to him.

2. What does Clytemnestra assume about Cassandra?
(a) Cassandra is being belligerent.
(b) Cassandra is not very smart.
(c) Cassandra is deaf.
(d) Cassandra does not understand what is being said.

3. What reasoning did Clytemnestra give for exiling a certain person before the events of "The Agamemnon"?
(a) She wanted him out of the way of her lover's ascension.
(b) She was afraid that gods would smite her son.
(c) She was afraid her daughter might tempt her lover.
(d) She wanted to keep her son safe from Trojan assassins.

4. How does the chorus feel about Cassandra?
(a) They sympathize with her.
(b) They are in awe of her.
(c) They are dismissive of her.
(d) They are repulsed by her.

5. What does the signal that the man on the roof sees mean?
(a) Agamemnon has died.
(b) Menelaus is coming home from the Trojan War.
(c) Agamemnon is coming home from the Trojan War.
(d) King Priam is invading.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interrupts the chorus's meditations on life at the end of the fourth part of "The Agamemnon"?

2. In which city does "The Oresteia" begin?

3. What gift did Apollo give Cassandra before the events of The Oresteia?

4. After receiving news of the fall of Troy, which Trojan does the chorus agree got what he deserved?

5. To whom does Cassandra initially cry out?

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