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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Play 2, Part 2 (p 171-183).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Agamemnon tell Clytemnestra to greet and treat well?
(a) Hecuba.
(b) Cassandra.
(c) Andromache.
(d) Briseis.

2. What interrupts the chorus's meditations on life at the end of the fourth part of "The Agamemnon"?
(a) Clytemnestra is laughing.
(b) Cassandra is screaming.
(c) Orestes returns to the city.
(d) Agamemnon is screaming.

3. What does Electra find when she wonders aloud if her brother has returned?
(a) Offerings to the gods.
(b) Pylades' pack.
(c) A campfire.
(d) Orestes and Pylades' footprints.

4. When does the second play take place?
(a) Weeks after Agamemnon's death.
(b) Several days after Agamemnon's death.
(c) Hours after Agamemnon's death.
(d) Several years after Agamemnon's death.

5. What is Clytemnestra's final reaction to Cassandra?
(a) She grows angry and goes inside.
(b) She begs the princess for forgiveness for her husband's actions.
(c) She begs the princess to leave.
(d) She tries to help the princess down from the chariot.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the lineage of the woman with Agamemnon in the third part of the first play?

2. What does Orestes wonder about the women approaching his father's tomb?

3. What is the function of the herald at the beginning of the second part of the first play?

4. To whom does Orestes pray while at his father's tomb?

5. Who commanded Orestes to seek vengeance for his father's death?

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