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The Oresteia - This is one of the few complete, surviving examples of Greek theater.

Mycenae - This is a powerful city that is the setting for the tragedies of the first play.

Agamemnon's Palace - This place is the scene of many murders over the years.

The Carpet of Purple Cloth - This represents death and destruction for the house of Atreus.

Clytemnestra's Ax and Agamemnon's Bath - These items are involved in the murder of a king of Mycenae.

Agamemnon's Grave - This is place where Electra and Orestes are reunited.

Orestes' Lock of Hair - This is discovered by Electra and tells her that her brother is back in Mycenae.

The Oracle at Delphi - This is a strong line of a communication between the gods and the humans.

Athens - This place is a powerful city, known for their laws and justice.


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