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Lesson 1 (from Play 1, Part 1 (p. 111-124))


In the beginning of this play cycle, a watchman is alone on the roof, ruminating on his position and how he feels about what is happening around him. While this is a fairly typical way to start a classic Greek play, the monologue of the Watchman sets the mood for the piece, as well as the style. This lesson will explore the Watchman's opening and how it sets the tone for the entire play.


1) Class Discussion: Who is the Watchman? What is his job, as evidenced by the beginning of this piece? What is he talking about? How does he feel about his job? What information does he give to the audience and readers in his monologue? Why is this information significant?

2) Group Work: Look over the Watchman's monologue. How does the Watchman feel about his queen? How does he feel about his king? Why...

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