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What Was Actually Meant

Look back over Clytemnestra's dialogue about and to Agamemnon in the first play. Write what you believe she is actually thinking and wanting to say at those points. When you are finished, read the scene aloud with the new dialogue. With those new thoughts in mind, re-read the scene with the original dialogue. Do you see how all of her lines mean something completely different now?

Toga! Toga!

Make an outfit to wear that reflects what the people in Greece would have been wearing during this play. How do the men dress? How do the women dress? Do different classes and stations in life dress differently?

From the Diary Of . . .

Write several journal entries as if you are Cassandra or Orestes during their travels. Be sure to remember that Cassandra is a prisoner and a prophetess and that Orestes is being tormented by the...

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