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Play 1, Part 1 (p. 111-124)

• In Play 1, Part 1, the Watchman sees the bonfire signaling Agamemnon's victory in Troy.
• The chorus recounts how Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter to gain favor from Artemis so that he could set sail to Troy.
• Clytemnestra brings the chorus news of victory at Troy and the imminent return of Agamemnon.

Play 1, Part 2 (p. 125-132)

• In Play 1, Part 2, a herald appears, offering thanks to the gods for his arrival in Mycenae.
• Clytemnestra sends the herald back to Agamemnon, bearing the message that she has been loyal and faithful and is waiting for him.
• The herald tells the chorus that Menelaus may have been lost at sea, but is probably still alive.

Play 1, Part 3 (p.133-140)

• In Play 1, Part 3, Agamemnon arrives with Cassandra and he is praised for his victory in Troy.
• Agamemnon disagrees with Clytemnestra over the grandiosity of his homecoming.
• Agamemnon reluctantly agrees to enter...

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