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Susan Orlean
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of pollination do orchids undergo?
(a) Self-pollination.
(b) Auto-polination.
(c) Cross-pollination.
(d) They do not pollinate.

2. Where was Susan Orlean born?
(a) Detroit, Michigan.
(b) Cleveland, Ohio.
(c) Buffalo, New York.
(d) Chicago, Illinois.

3. How many species are in the Epidendrum genus of orchids?
(a) 355.
(b) 1100.
(c) 1875.
(d) 357.

4. What German tireless collector is the reason why Frederick Sander became so influential in the orchid community?
(a) Benedict Roezl.
(b) William Micholitz.
(c) Tom Hart Dyke.
(d) Albert Millican.

5. What is a modified or specialized leaf, especially one associated with a reproductive structure such as a flower, inflorescence axis, or cone scale?
(a) Sheath.
(b) Lamina.
(c) Frond.
(d) Bract.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what order does the Ghost Orchid belong?

2. Hollywood, Florida is just south of what city?

3. What refers to a trait that is shared by two or more taxa and their most recent common ancestor, whose ancestor in turn does not possess the trait?

4. What type of orchid produces a series of adjacent shoots which grow to a certain size, bloom and then stop growing, to be then replaced?

5. Where was John Laroche accused of stealing orchids from in The Millionaire's Hothouse?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Susan remark about the power of orchids on people in Orchid Fever?

2. Describe orchid hunting. When did this activity begin?

3. How big is the Fakahatchee Strand? What plants and animals live there?

4. What did the judge concur after hearing Laroche at trial in The Millionaire's Hothouse? Where did Laroche take Susan afterward?

5. What demolished the remainder of Laroche's nursery before he worked for the Seminoles?

6. Describe the Seminole Indians. Where do they live?

7. Where did Laroche take Susan in Gorgeous?

8. Where did Susan first learn of John Laroche? Where did she go to learn more?

9. What knowledge did Laroche reveal while at an orchid show in Gorgeous? What did Susan learn there?

10. Who were Frederick Sander and Benedict Roezl?

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