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Susan Orlean
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The circuit judge in Laroche's case fined the Seminole Indians how much each?
(a) $500.
(b) $50.
(c) $350.
(d) $100.

2. When did the Billy Bowlegs War take place?
(a) 1848.
(b) 1884.
(c) 1855.
(d) 1867.

3. The poisonous South American toad now can grow up to how many pounds?
(a) 3.
(b) 5.
(c) 1.
(d) 2.

4. Who accompanies Denise to Motes Orchids in Anyone Can Grow Orchids?
(a) Trent.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Richard.
(d) Ron.

5. Who discovered the last species of Cattleya that would be discovered?
(a) Robert Fuchs.
(b) John Lindley.
(c) Frank Smith.
(d) Lee Moore.

6. What was Osceola named at birth?
(a) John Lindley.
(b) Abraham Fulton.
(c) Billy Powell.
(d) Albert Carter.

7. What refers an immersed aquatic plant which originated in South America but has spread to many parts of the world and is considered an invasive species in Australia, China, New Zealand, Thailand and the United States?
(a) Pond Lily.
(b) Curly Pondweed.
(c) Milfoil.
(d) Alligator Weed.

8. The poisonous South American toad now can grow up to how long?
(a) 5 inches.
(b) 4 inches.
(c) 9 inches.
(d) 7 inches.

9. What nursery does Robert Fuchs own?
(a) Robbie's Orchids.
(b) Fuchs Nurseries.
(c) R. F. Orchids.
(d) Rob's Orchids.

10. Robert Fuchs' great-grandfather moved his family from where to Florida?
(a) Tennessee.
(b) Indiana.
(c) Kentucky.
(d) Illinois.

11. What is a tree native to Puebla, Mexico and classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceae along with cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel?
(a) Avocado.
(b) Walnut.
(c) Cashew.
(d) Almond.

12. Martin Motes was described by Susan Orlean as a recovering what?
(a) Patient.
(b) Alcoholic.
(c) Academic.
(d) Gambler.

13. Where was Osceola tricked and trapped on New Year's Day?
(a) Charleston, South Carolina.
(b) Charlotte, North Carolina.
(c) Forth Moultrie, South Carolina.
(d) Durham, North Carolina.

14. Whose family had owned the Orchid Jungle before winning the lottery?
(a) Tom Fennell's.
(b) Francis Harrold's.
(c) Robert Callahan's.
(d) John McMurphy's.

15. How many plants called Elaine were to be dumped at Kerry's Bromeliads?
(a) 15,000.
(b) 10,000.
(c) 5,000.
(d) 150,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did the circuit judge fine Laroche in his case?

2. What time of smuggling did Lee Moore's wife regale when she met Susan?

3. Where is Denise from in Anyone Can Grow Orchids?

4. Chief Billy Bowlegs had traveled to Washington D. C. on horseback to attempt to repeal a law passed in 1853 that had made it illegal for a Seminole to do what?

5. What genus of plants were brought to south Florida as an ornamental landscape plant from Australia?

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