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Susan Orlean
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What apes in the family Hylobatidae are often smuggled into Florida?
(a) Gorillas.
(b) Chimpanzees.
(c) Macaques.
(d) Gibbons.

2. When did the legendary first Sapa Inca, Manco Capac, found the Kingdom of Cuzco?
(a) 1250.
(b) 1200.
(c) 1324.
(d) 1290.

3. Who owned the Gulf American Corporation?
(a) Julian Rosen.
(b) Rose Julian.
(c) Julius and Leonard Rosen.
(d) Rose and Julius Rosen.

4. Susan learned that if an orchid breeder comes up with a good cross fertilization, they will get the monopoly in the market for how long?
(a) 7 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 20 years.
(d) 12 years.

5. Martin Motes was described by Susan Orlean as a recovering what?
(a) Alcoholic.
(b) Gambler.
(c) Academic.
(d) Patient.

6. When did the government begin three Seminole "subjugation and removal efforts"?
(a) 1839.
(b) 1821.
(c) 1812.
(d) 1798.

7. Robert Fuchs is from a family that has been growing orchids for how many generations?
(a) 1.
(b) 3.
(c) 7.
(d) 2.

8. How many square feet of greenhouse makes up Kerry's Bromeliads?
(a) 1,000,000.
(b) 329,000.
(c) 200,000.
(d) 500,000.

9. The owners of the Orchid Jungle won how much money in the Florida state lottery?
(a) 124 million.
(b) 6.76 million.
(c) 2.48 million.
(d) 56 million.

10. Who took Susan for a hike along with two inmates from a work-release program of the Copeland Road Prison?
(a) Jennifer.
(b) Rebecca.
(c) Annette.
(d) Katherine.

11. Where did Martin Motes drive to set up his display for the annual show in Fortunes?
(a) The Miami Mall.
(b) The Miami Convention Center.
(c) The Tampa Arboretum.
(d) The Tampa Convention Center.

12. Who accompanies Denise to Motes Orchids in Anyone Can Grow Orchids?
(a) Ron.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Trent.
(d) Richard.

13. What company had begun logging the Fakahatchee Strand for cypress trees in the 1950s?
(a) John Smith Swamp Logging.
(b) The Lee Tidewater Cypress Company.
(c) Steven's Timber Company.
(d) Jones Forestry Inc.

14. What is a term for any one of a large number of unrelated small to medium sized species of parrot, that generally have long tail feathers?
(a) Macaw.
(b) Parakeet.
(c) Merganser.
(d) Cockatoo.

15. Where was Osceola tricked and trapped on New Year's Day?
(a) Charleston, South Carolina.
(b) Charlotte, North Carolina.
(c) Durham, North Carolina.
(d) Forth Moultrie, South Carolina.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was the Cattleya Orchid named?

2. What kind of plants did Gary Zill own a good number of?

3. What genus of plants were brought to south Florida as an ornamental landscape plant from Australia?

4. The collector of Ghost Orchids in Plant Crimes had the secret of putting the baby ghost orchids in what kind of tree?

5. Where is Denise from in Anyone Can Grow Orchids?

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