Objects & Places from The Orchid Thief

Susan Orlean
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Fakahatchee Strand

This is the swamp in southern Florida where John Laroche was accused of stealing a number of orchids.

Kerry's Bromeliads

This was one of the largest nurseries in south Florida which housed over 3.6 million orchids and 1.4 million bromeliads in 329,000 square feet of greenhouse.

Orchid Jungle

Once owned by Tom Fennell, Hurricane Andrew destroyed many of the greenhouses at this location and it finally closed when its owners won the Florida lottery for $6.76 million.

Big Cypress Reservation

This location in south Florida was where Laroche had planned to build his nursery.

R. F. Orchids

This is a large nursery owned by Bob Fuchs, whose family goes back three generations in the orchid business.

Flagler Museum

The American Orchid Society gala which Susan attended in south Florida was held at this location.

South Florida Orchid Society Show

Susan attended this event to see Bob Fuchs win and Martin...

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