The Orchid Thief Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Susan Orlean
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The Millionaire's Hothouse

• John Laroche is introduced as being an eccentric person who is tall, skinny and handsome despite missing some of his front teeth.

• When Laroche finds an interest, he does not merely admire the thing or subject, he becomes thoroughly obsessed with it.

• Laroche has been this way his entire life, but until recently, he had been thoroughly obsessed with orchids.

• Laroche considers himself a shrewd bastard and is essentially self-taught; he also considers himself to be one of the smartest people that he knows.
• Susan read about Laroche in a newspaper article and was intrigued when she saw the words "swamp," "orchids," "Seminoles," "cloning" and "criminal" together in one short piece.

• Susan decided to leave New York in the dead of winter to travel to sunny Florida to research more about the piece, and arrived in Naples to witness Laroche's trial.

• Laroche was accused of...

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