The Orchard Keeper Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Kenneth Rattner doing as the novel begins?

Kenneth Rattner is on the side of a road trying unsuccessfully to hitch-hike with the occasional car that passes by. He eventually walks to a gas station and wanders through the aisles aimlessly.

2. What does Kenneth say he is looking for and why does this confuse the storekeep?

The storekeep asks him if he needs some help and he lies and says he is looking for a tire pump. The storekeep shows him where they are and Kenneth lies again, saying that he needs different kind. He asks the storekeep the distance to Atlanta and says that he better get going. The announcement confuses the storekeep who was under the impression he had a flat tire.

3. Where does Kenneth get a ride to and what is his ultimate destination?

Kenneth finds another customer of the store on his way out and is able to ride with him part of the way to Atlanta, which is just a stopping point on the way to Kenneth's ultimate destination, Knoxville.

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