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Red Branch

This is a small mountain town in Tennessee near Knoxville.


This is the closest major city to Red Branch.


As the story opens, Kenneth Rattner is trying to get through this city to Knoxville.

The Green Fly Inn

This is a rickety bar located on the outskirts of town.

Mr. Eller's Shop

This is the social center for Red Branch.

The Peach Pit

Sylder dumps Kenneth Rattner's body here on Ownby's property.

The Government Tank

Arthur Ownby is arrested for defacing this on his property.


When Arthur Ownby escapes from the police, he tries to get to this location, which is a wild and uninhabited area of Tennessee.


Sylder makes his living illegally trafficking this liquor.


The story is set against the backdrop of this movement that criminalized the production and exchange of alcohol.

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