The Orchard Keeper Character Descriptions

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Marion Sylder

He is born in Red Branch, a small town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee in 1913. His early years are spent mainly in the town with occasional excursions elsewhere.

John Wesley Rattner

He is the son of a murdered man and he and his mother both believe that his father was a heroic man, distinguished by his service in the military.

Arthur Ownby

He is the old man who owns the orchard where a dead body is dumped. He is eventually arrested for defacing the government tank on his property and sent to a mental asylum.

Kenneth Rattner

He is a fraud and criminal who deceives his family into thinking that he is a hardworking and honest man.

Jefferson Gifford

He is a Red Branch policeman and is the driving force behind the campaign to catch and arrest both Marion Sylder and Arthur Ownby.

June Tipton

He and...

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